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Guided Meditation Downloads created by the publishers of The Meditative Brain Blog. Do you think you're "not good" at meditating? We developed a system of isochronic tones, verbal guidance, sheppard tones and white noise to force your brain into a altered meditative state. Access the blog and free audio downloads of the Pali Discourses coming soon.

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What is 'Mindfullness' and Why Should I Try It?


If you haven't heard of "mindfullness" yet, you will. There is an explosion of research revealing that becoming aware of your 'awareness', lends many secondary benefits.

Let's review some of those benefits:

  1. Pain Management (evidence)
  2. Depression and anxiety Management (evidence)
  3. Stress Reduction (evidence)
  4. Greater happiness (evidence)
  5. Greater creativity (evidence)
  6. More cognitive flexibility (evidence)
  7. Boosts to working memory (evidence)
  8. Reduced Addictive Behaviour (evidence)
  9. Less emotional reactivity (evidence)
  10. Other physiological benefits (evidence)

I've developed a series of guided meditations that are geared toward first time and new meditators. If you've tried meditating before and you "couldn't concentrate", don't worry, that's normal. Maybe you thought "Meditation isn't for me." or "I don't have enought time to do this."  

If you identify with these statements - these meditations are for you. 

My guided meditations work better than most other guided meditations because of these few key reasons.

1) The verbal guided portion of the meditation is based on a Vipassana/insight/minfulness type of meditation - which is arguably one of the most useful forms of introductory meditation. (Not that it can't be an advanced technique)

2) The guidance uses a white noise to immediately amplify your alpha brain waves (which help you achieve the brain state necessary to achieve the beneficial states in the list above.

3) The guidance uses isochronic tones that force your brain to match the pulsing alpha or theta frequencies. Don't get suckered in to "Binaural beats". They don't work as well as isochronic tones. So don't waste your time or money.

4) The guidance uses sheppard tones to help guide you to a slower relaxed state.




The Meditative Brain: Alpha Brainwave Enhancing Guided Meditations