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Guided Meditations

Guided Meditation Downloads created by the publishers of The Meditative Brain Blog. Do you think you're "not good" at meditating? We developed a system of isochronic tones, verbal guidance, sheppard tones and white noise to force your brain into a altered meditative state. Access the blog and free audio downloads of the Pali Discourses coming soon.


Download - The Meditative Brain's Alpha Brainwave Enhancing Guided Meditations

Vol.1 - Alpha Tone Suite

From the makers of "The Meditative Brain Blog" about neuroscience, meditation, Buddhism and culture. This series of meditations are aimed at helping inexperienced or first-time meditators experience a deeper state of meditation early in their practice to help generate excitement for continuation of the practice.

I find most people who have "tried meditating" or meditated "one or twice", don't get too deep into the experience because - its difficult. There's no shame in that - it is difficult. People often expect that their mind isn't clear from thought and therefore they "aren't very good at it" and don't feel they have the discipline or desire to continue further. Sometimes early practice is an exercise in boredom or frustration. By raising the meditators levels of alpha brainwaves while learning a guided meditation, new meditators may have thoughts washed away and feel a deeper experience than a guided sit or vipassana/samatha meditation.

These guided meditations are aimed overcoming those initial hurdles by doing several things:

1.  Providing a white noise that generates a greater burst of alpha brainwaves.

2. Providing isochronic (shown to be more effective than "binaural beats" and shepard tones that entrain the brain to the alpha  wavelength.

3. Provide a guided body-scan meditation to develop a sense of where your concentration should be focused.

4. Intermittent interruption by way of guidance to not let the mind wander-off.

5. Providing a convenient full-body meditation. We don't always have time or patience for a 45 minute full-body meditation. But we may have time for 30 minutes or just 15 minutes in our day. The 5 minute meditation is for a quick brush-up or quick-relaxation before a big event or sleep.

I hope you get to experience these meditations. I hope you don't go and find cheaper oral only versions or binaural beats and then throw away the experience for life. I'm hoping to get you hooked on meditation here. Starting a meditation practice is probably one of the most valuable things you could ever do for yourself. I've worked long and hard at these recordings and put a lot of thought into them and have seen them work for people.

Take the leap and purchase them - you'll love it. 

If you're unsure whether this system will work for you, download a copy of the 7 minute "tune-up" to try it out. Its not long - and length matters, but you'll get the idea. Just $2